Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Been Gone...

Hello all out there, I've been gone and not wanting to face you all. A couple of weeks ago we did something we thought was wise and it ended up costing us $500. The idea was to use the newer battery from one vehicle that we are getting rid of in a vehicle that the warranty is expiring. The issue being that newer battery has needed to get replaced (not holding a charge) but we never got around to doing it. The towing place was coming to pick up the bad vehicle, so we quickly swapped the batteries early in the morning. Big mistake.

We didn't know it at the time, but we damaged the alternator by hooking the battery up backwards. We thought we had just blown a fuse, but didn't look into it. The battery died in the end with us on the road. We had it replaced the next day but with a brand new battery (had receipt, was free) but then a couple days later it died again because of the alternator. When it died, my wife was driving in a storm, couldn't see, hit a curb and got a flat tire.

I went and tried to change the tire, but broke the jack and got it stuck under the vehicle. We have towing insurance on our cell phone plan, so the towing to a shop we trust and they kept it for a week and we got it back after $500.

Lessons learned again:
  • Procrastination costs big time and money!
  • Trying to save a few bucks can be costly too!
  • Don't be afraid to post on your blog =)

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Danielle said...

i have heard of that happening (the battery) but the people who i knew fried everything because thy hooked it up back ward.

i hope your wife is ok..i bet she was scared.