Sunday, December 23, 2007

2008 Goals

I am not one into making new-years resolutions, but here are my goals for the year and when I plan on reaching most of them:

Specific Times:
Transfer to pre-paid cell phone plan by 1/20
Settle Home Depot CC for $3.1K by 2/20
Settle Menards CC for $2K by 3/20
Settle Capital One CC for $4K by 5/20
Increase our "Fun Money" to $100/each/month by 6/1 (and include dining out, vacation, & Christmas in there)
Professionally remove trees in yard by 6/20
Settle misc debts for $3K by 9/1
Reinstate tithing by 9/1
Chimney lined and fireplace installed by 9/14 (our wedding anniversary)
$3K Emergency Fund by 12/31 ($1K/month from Oct, Nov, & Dec)

Not specific time:
Go on a missions trip for 1 week during the year
Take 3 Microsoft certification exams and pass
Increase day job salary by 10%
Triple the size of our garden
Move daughter into her own room and lose 1 renter (she is in our room right now)
Go out on a date with my wife every month

None of them seem unrealistic to me. The financial goals would be messed up if I was out of work for a long period of time, but based on our year-end work party, things are looking good at my work.

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