Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reviewed My Credit Report

It has been 6 months since I've checked out my credit report, so I decided to pull my Equifax report. Found 4 errors on it, which were:

- My name misspelled, they have the correct spelling listed as my previous name.
- 1 store credit card still open, closed 4 years ago
- Another store credit card still open, closed 4 years ago
- One creditor I paid in full in July it is showing that it had been charged off, but not settled.

Overall, not too bad for 39 page report. When my wife wakes up, I'll see about pulling hers as well to make sure nothing horrible is on it.

What got me wanting to do it this morning was some friends of ours from church had their identity stolen. It was not to the point of charging credit cards, but someone used their name/address/phone # to sign up for coupon programs online that charge to your house phone bill. They suspect it was due to their resume being put up on recently.

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