Friday, December 28, 2007

Transmission Leak

This week has been a bit busy and I haven't posted. My car on Wednesday lost so much transmission fluid that I was unable to change gears. I suspect it's a simple repair due to when I put in some more fluid, I was able to drive just fine home. We have been blessed to have a second car to use, so we have not needed to make a rash decision on the repair. Here's how our logic has gone regarding the repair:

1. Bring to our normal repair shop - OK idea, but are they the best people for the job?

2. Local transmission shop - did some research and found one that has been in business 50+ years right down the street with one of the original owners still working there. If the job was a big one that someone else can't take care of, I'm going there.

3. Roommate - He works at an oil change place and thinks if it is something basic, he might be able to repair it. He's checking with his boss and will let me know if he can bring it into there to look at real quick.

Hopefully this won't take much to repair, the car we bought for $400 8 months ago.

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