Saturday, December 29, 2007

Additional Jobs

Well, the past couple of months my on-call computer job has been slow. I'll be getting a $30 deposit on Friday, second one in the past 6 weeks. ($30, $120, $30) This has helped me push myself to start changing my gears towards what I'm wanting to do, which is programming from home. I'm going at it a couple of ways:

- Increase certification. I've got a fair amount of programming experience, but I know having the extra sheets of paper showing I know my stuff will help. I've got 2 exams I am studying for right now.

- Small projects. I've looked at some of the rent a coder type sites, with too much competition for the work. I ended up finding one this past week on Craigslist that I will be meeting with this morning to review their project and most likely start helping them here and there.

The biggest thing I've learned about work through the past 2 years of chaos and change is this: Jobs are like investments, you don't want all your income from one source. It's just like you wouldn't trust your entire nest egg on one penny stock.

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Our Debt Blog said...

Not sure what kind of programming you are in to but stay away from anything Microsoft, it is a waste of time.

I am currently working as a SAP analyst and make decent money. Consider SAP, you can do virtually anything in SAP and the demand for people has always been there! Also remember most of the Fortune 500's use SAP that includes HR systems, Financials, logistics, etc. all linked under one system. Imagine the opportunities!!