Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Misc Saving & Spending This Week

We'll, our daughter is now almost 7 months old and we're getting ready for the next size up in diapers. That means at our house hunting around for material and my wife sewing for a few days. We went to Walmart recently and the one near us is moving down the road and turning into a Super-Walmart, so they had their fabric on sale big time. We picked up a lot of the liner material there for $1/yard.

This Friday we'll be going out to dinner at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant and getting paid $25 for our expenses there. We enjoyed it a lot when we did it in August and the report for the mystery shopping wasn't too long.

This Saturday we'll be going out to dinner for a work party at a decent Italian restaurant. We had a church Christmas party to go to at the same time, but I'm wanting to meet some of my co-workers that I never see (it's from my night job).

As mentioned before, I'll be doing an eye exam tomorrow as well paid for.

My wife applied recently for the $100 from Bank of America for opening an account with $100. They said it would take a couple of business days to approve the account, we had settled all the past problems with her bank accounts so it should be approved.

We decided to split the $250 we received from my wife's parents and each spend the way we want to. I've decided to grow our board game collection a bit, still leaving me with about $90 to decide what to do with.

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