Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grandmother & Grandson

I had my eye exam last night and I got talking to the associate about my unique housing situation (6 roommates, 5 adults and 1 infant). She told me a bit of her situation and it doesn't sound good:

- Recently bought a 3 bedroom house, new construction
- Only her and her grandson live there
- Was praying about the housing situation just that day and considering getting renters.
- Concerned that she might foreclose on the house
- Just came back from vacation.
- Doesn't buy her grandson expensive toys.

I talked about 20 minutes about my situation, left her my number w/ my wife's name on it and the name of our church. If she doesn't change her ways soon, I wouldn't be surprised that she loses the house. She is in the same boat I was in, spending too much on the big items and little on the little items. I prayed for her this morning and she'll be on my thoughts for a while.

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