Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Vision Test This Week For Me

This year my wife and I have gotten into mystery shopping big time. Last month both of us got oil changes, which we'll be getting paid for at the end of this month. This week I'm going for an eye exam, where they'll pay me for the exam as well as $10 extra. I have been delaying on getting glasses for myself due to the costs of an exam and glasses would have cost me in the past around $150. My vision is not so bad that I can't operate without them (been 2 years since my last pair broke), but I get awful headaches sometimes and have a hard time reading street signs.

Once I get the exam with the prescription, I'll order off of Zenni Optical a pair of glasses for around $18 including shipping. In the end, my total costs will be $8. I love it!

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