Monday, April 16, 2007

$500 Forgiven

I was planning on paying back a friend that we had borrowed $500 and wrote them an e-mail a week ago to let them know. They had previously told us to hold off paying them back until we have our emergency fund built up. This month we had built up an emergency fund, so it was about time to start paying them back.

Besides forgiving the $500 they had borrowed to us, they are looking at giving away one of their cars to us. Their family has grown greatly in the past year (2 kids, 1 is adopted) and are seeking to get a discounted van from their work. We haven't decided whether to accept their offer or not. In one respect it will help us get out of debt 2 months sooner. In another respect, I don't want to feel even more indebted to friends, even though it's a gift.

It all reminds me of Acts chapter 4 in the Bible, where all believers shared with each other what they had and no one was in need. It's hard though to be the one in need and receiving blessings.


D said...

Suggestion - if you need the car and they are offering, take it. Show gratitude and never forget. That is a huge value to the giver.

Next, put the $500 dollars they don't want back into your emergency fund. Leave it. Then if they ever need it, you can give without hesitation.

Next, Pay IT Forward. You will not always be where you are today. So, when you see someone in need, don't be afraid to fill it. When you do this, you will see and feel, why your friends have chosen this path.

Karen said...

I think they are following good godly principles in regard to debt (neither a borrower nor a lender be....and a borrower is slave to the lender.)

I know my brother-in-law recently found himself in a financial jam and needed money. We GAVE him $500. He tried to pay us back, but we made it clear it was a GIFT, no repayment was necessary. Now, will we continue to do that over and over? No, that's enabling, but everyone makes mistakes and needs help now and then.

Accept the car if you need it, thank them profusely. Do something nice for them like babysit so they can have a nice evening out (sounds like they could use a break!)