Monday, April 2, 2007

March Review

Here's March's accomplishments:
  • Paid 3 months of our mortgage, bringing us current. That was over $3K alone.
  • Paid 2 months of Water bill, now current.
  • Paid 2 months of Electric bill, only 2 months behind (they added an old residence of ours to our current bill).
  • Paid 1 month of Natural gas bill, only 1/2 month behind (thought us getting to the payment plan would even it out, but they still want 1/2 month more)
  • Had an unexpected $131 car repair we took care of.
We have a white board at our house near the entry way, our financial goal listed on it now is $3K in savings. If it wasn't for taxes, we would be able to get about $1300 this month for it, but we're going to have a large tax bill (currently at $1200, still reviewing it for any errors).

1 comment:

Karen said...

WAY TO GO! Slow and steady! Keep up the great work!