Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whittling away cookbooks

Last night we started working on a "family cookbook" at our house to help with reducing the amount of stuff we have at the house. The plans are to scan in all the pages of our favorite recipes from our current cookbooks, get rid of the original cookbooks, print out kitchen copies after we have it fully organized. Therefore we have a hard copy to work with in the kitchen, but if anything gets dirty, we can always print out a new copy.

The mindset I'm trying to help my wife learn is that if we're wanting to ever look at a "pretty book" (a nickname) that shows yummy food, we can always go to the library or check out the million different cooking web sites. There were cookbooks that we hadn't even made a recipe out of, some of them we had made 1-2 recipes, others we have used heavily. My goal right now is just for us to get rid of the first two categories, leaving the third for another time (if ever).

Along the same lines, my wife saw an ad that came in the mail showing a 3 movie series she is wanting to watch and said "I'd love to own that!" I reminded her that our library has that series and we already "own" it by having a library card.

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Karen said...

I recently purchased "Recipe Manager" and am putting only those recipes in it that I used. I've clipped 1000 recipes from newspapers and magazines, but rarely get around to making the stuff!
Hoping this will (eventually) clear out my cookbook shelf. :)