Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hi, My Name Is Murphy - Tax Man

I wonder how many parents name their children Murphy these days, with everyone's view of "Murphy's Law". I know there must be one at the IRS. From 2003-2005, we always received a refund due to high medical bills we were paying and donations made through the year. Last year though was a roller coaster and we overcounted on exemptions, so it's looking like we're going to be needing to send the tax man this year around $1300. I'm double-checking all the numbers before we mail it in on the 17th.

In addition, it seems like Murphy decided to visit our dryer this week as well, causing it not to dry anything. My father-in-law knows how to repair these, but he's in Colorado and I'm in Illinois so he's going to step me through it over the phone on Sunday to see if we can figure out what part needs to be replaced. The part probably won't be over $100, probably closer to $25.

Through it all, since we were working on building our emergency fund this month, we'll do like "rich" people do: Find the way to pay the least overall and then just pay it. No need to worry about it, get upset over it all, whine, cry, etc.

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The 'Peake said...

I stumbled across your blog. I like your modified plan. Last month seemed like a good month for you getting everything current. Keep up the good work and I love you last line "No need to worry about it, get upset over it all, whine, cry, etc."