Sunday, April 1, 2007

Lemons in My Yard, Time For Lemonade

This past January we had to tear up a 45 foot long trench in order to replace our water line. From the dig, we have a whole bunch of river rocks that were buried that are now on top. I could have looked at these in one of two ways:

1. They are something I need to pay someone to get rid of and make it look the "right" way (green grass, no rocks, nice paved driveway).

2. Consider them as free landscaping material to work with, to have a unique front yard.

I chose the second one. Near our front door there used to be a nice 6'x6' square of grass, though it got torn up by the backhoe. Instead of trying to plant grass there again, I moved the large rocks from there and made a mini-wall around it so we can plant a garden there. I'm taking the smallest rocks and using them as my driveway, which it's starting to look like a small riverbed. The medium rocks I'm putting near our front steps, where weeds used to just grow. I figure I'm saving hundreds of dollars just spending 15-30 minutes a day on it, getting a good free exercise as well.

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