Friday, April 13, 2007

Summer Plans

I've pretty much decided for this summer I will be pulling out of one of my many jobs. My first child is going to be born in 5 weeks and I want to be able to spend Saturdays with her and work on our home. The math side of it works like this:
  • Income reduction of $200/month for not working Saturdays and occasional weekdays.
  • Income increase of $400/month for 6 months with 1 more roommate.
The part I love, tutoring 1 on 1 will be dropping down quite a bit due to the students have taken the ACT and the new ones have a year until they need to take it.

I know this is an emotional decision (want to be able to enjoy a little bit of summer and my daughter) where if I was super gazelle intense I would just work the extra hours and know I got myself in this mess. On the other hand, I'll be going down from 3 to 2 jobs for a short period of time and replacing that income with twice as much. It will also give me time to work on some much needed projects (locating free fencing, free swing set, cutting down trees in our yard, insulation, dejunking our home).

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