Friday, April 6, 2007

My Home IS an Asset

Those that prescribe to the Rich Dad/Poor Dad point of view would argue that normally one's home is not an asset (since it doesn't produce income), but for me they would say it is. We currently have 3 roommates that pay us $1100 total/month and our total housing expenses are $1500/month (maintenance included). We have 1 bedroom that has been storage the past 6 months, I'm considering renting it out for $400/month, making it "free" for us to live at the house. We'd do this probably for 6-12 months until our newborn is getting bigger and needing her own room.

Those of you thinking I'm nuts to have that many "strangers" living in my house, the 3 roommates work and spend so much time out of the house that it's like no one is living with us. My wife and I went to bed last night at 9:30 PM and noticed that no one else had come home that evening yet (1 works second shift, 1 works 2nd and 3rd shift as a workaholic, 1 works 9-5 but sometimes works late and goes out of town every weekend).

I wish the room we have was on the first floor, a lady in our church brought up the need of a woman living in her car with medical problems that needs a place to stay. She would though need something on the first floor, which we don't have available.

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