Saturday, April 21, 2007

Messup - NSF Bank Charge

I confess, I messed up this week. Two of my jobs needed computer parts this week, so I went shopping and picked up 2 switches and 1 GB computer memory. I got though the wrong kind of computer memory and was trying to get the machine taken care of with 1 visit, so I went to the store and used my debit card like a credit card to buy the correct memory.

I would have been fine if the next day I had put cash into the account, but I didn't and thought I had enough funds from other sources transferring into the bank account, but I didn't look. In the end I got a $30 NSF fee charged to the account. Right now we're back to square one with our emergency fund, I'm hoping in the coming month we'll get that thing fully funded. The lesson learned though is that cash doesn't have any fees.

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