Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cheap Gas - For A Price

I was driving around today to my many different side-jobs (worked 3 today) and saw a Shell gas station selling gas for 15 cents cheaper than the cheapest gas station around, so I decided to fill'er up there (the red light was on, telling me I had to stop or else my car was going to stop for me). I started to wonder why it was so cheap and then I saw him.

The credit card hawker!

He was an elderly gentlemen, kind of that "grandpa" look to him in the sweatpants and short-sleeve shirt. He was helping people with the crazy amount of cars that were stopping for gas, but he was using the time people were filling up to promote the Shell credit card. I actually watched him go to a guy that hadn't used their credit card, pointed at the $25 the pump showed the guy had paid and was talking about "You could have saved X amount of money by using this card.". He came up to me asking if I was interested, I told him "I don't do credit." He tried to explain about the savings but could see it in my face that I was not an interested customer and walked off to another unsuspecting soul.

I just think about that they have to be making money off of having the guy out there (he's not doing it for charity work) and the way they do it is you get the card and then forget to make a payment, or they forget to post a payment, or you run out of cash to make the payment. Then your in that vicious cycle of being bitten by the APR rattlesnake. No more for me.

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