Friday, September 7, 2007

10% Raise & Health Benefits

This afternoon I had my 6 month review at my current job, it went well as I was expecting (though one can still be nervous about it). Normally they don't give out raises after 6 months, but because of my circumstances they decided to go with a 10% raise. It brings me up to $39,600, just $400 short of the $40K I was hoping for. I'm glad though that this is just 2/3 of our income (rest being rental income of $12K/yr and other jobs I have of $7K/yr).

In addition, I'll be getting my health benefits being taken care of 100% as an individual (but not within a group), but that means we'll have to start planning for my wife and daughter's benefits. That's not going to be a fun activity, but we'll have to make it happen. My daughter I'm not too worried about, it's my wife's insurance that is going to be the problem (has a pacemaker). More about that fun in the coming weeks probably.

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JW said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! on the raise.

You give me hope