Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Washer/Dryer Update

Well, we picked up a used one for $350 in the end, the previous owners told me it was two years old but I suspect it's more like 5 based on one of the manufacturing stickers (year was encoded, so I'm uncertain). None the less, I've got it home, the old one hauled out (had to take it apart, my father-in-law is a magician and got a 27" wide stackable through a 27.25" doorway with no real scratches on the wall a year ago) and got the new one in the closet.

We've got to change the water hoses since the newer one has too short of hoses, we're going to reuse the ones on the old one. In addition, I stripped working parts off the old one and plan to sell some of them and keep some of them in case we need them for our current one (eg: dryer belt, filter, temperature shutoff sensor, water pump, control circuits). I figure I bought the sensor and the filter off of eBay, I guess I can go back around and sell them for someone to buy...

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Millionaire Artist said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I'll be thrilled for the day I have my own washer/dryer! :) You were smart to go used... think of the environmental savings aspect, too. Chances are your machines are still EnergyStar and you didn't buy a brand-new one cranked out from new materials. Smart! Good luck with your debt reduction plan.