Thursday, September 20, 2007

Possible Roommate

Last night we met a possible roommate, though they're going to have to find a job near us in order to make the decision to move. It is a couple that is soon to be married and soon to be having a child and they need to move away from family. This is part of the reason we rent out rooms in our home (the other is to get us out of debt). They applied to a bunch of places for work and if they get something near us, they'll be moving in. The job is for a short time until they get paperwork resolved for the guy to join the Navy by Christmas.

If they do move here, it will be a great opportunity to teach a new couple about finances. They've experienced some bad stuff with trying to find a place to rent (paying fees to apply for a place) and maybe we'll learn stuff from them.


Nonsense Means No Cents said...

Good luck with the new (potential) renters! Are they planning to and able to keep renting after one begins service in the Navy or is this short term?

Sick of Debt said...

The wife and child will be staying with us while he is in the Navy. Their goals are to find a cheap, safe place for mom and baby to be at while they build a nest egg for their first home. I don't know how long they would last at our home though, I know I would miss my wife too much to be gone that much.

We have another one moving in at the end of the month, we have his check. His new job is 3 miles down the road, so it'll be perfect for him. He'll be gone on the weekends visiting family and his girlfriend.