Saturday, September 1, 2007

September Budget & August Net Worth

Here's our September Budget:

$383 Tithe
$1150 Mortgage
$240 Car Gas
$145 Natural Gas
$20 House Phone (had $20 credit)
$50 Water
$89 Electricity
$158 Cell Phone
$95 Life Insurance
$30 Mrs.' Fun Money
$30 Mr.'s Fun Money
$30 Dining Out
$30 Toiletries
$10 Ongoing Dr. Bill
$300 Insulation
$30 Mrs.' Birthday Party
$20 Anniversary Vacation
$100 Mr.'s Chiropractor Visits & Equipment
$200 Car Insurance
$10 Babysitting
$60 Groceries
$605 Debt Snowball

There is a lot here this month, so I'll try to be quick. I had back problems in August and now seeing a chiropractor 2x a week, he has some equipment for me to buy to use at home for strengthing of my neck while he works on adjusting it into place. My wife will be joining a women's bible study during the week and they are collecting an offering to the lady that will be babysitting during the study, so my wife will be giving $10. We're going to start having a grocery budget, we've been having excess on food stamps and they will be running out this month. Based on the past 2 months of groceries, we spend about $120/month for us and we have $60 left of food stamps. Our 6 month car insurance premiums are due this month, it comes out to $200 for 2 cars of just liability only coverage, I feel that's pretty good for 6 months ($33.33/month). Both of our birthdays are this month, but we celebrate one of us each year, alternating. This year is my wife's year and she's doing a tea with the ladies. It's also our 4 year anniversary, so I'm taking her camping for a 3 day weekend from the 14-16th. Shhhh, she don't know what we're doing. Our home needs more insulation (and this morning lets me know that fall is coming), so I'll be putting it in on the 22nd-23rd.

August Net Worth & Budget Results:

Our Net Worth went up as we were expecting, but did not receive a roommate, so our insulation project was put on hold until this coming month. The car repairs were put on hold as we took care of my back instead. We felt our emergency fund was higher priority than the repairs or insulation and it is. I'm proud that since February I feel that we have made big progress of tackling over $13K of net debt, though I know it's been larger since we've been battling interest at the same time. This month I'm going to need the encouragement of a couple of "small" debts taken care of to keep me going though.

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