Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tackling Debts Today

Today at our house we're tackling a couple of debts. Here's the list:
  • Very old medical bill for my wife under my father-in-law's name (when she was on his insurance before our marriage). It's $90, but she was a bit ashamed for having it outstanding. Going to call them today and see if it's still outstanding and see about settling it.
  • $600 marriage counseling bill. It's been about 15 months since we were there and we tried to fight with our insurance to take care of it, they keep saying they have everything they need and will send it back for reprocessing, but it never happens. The counselor must be hit up for $$$ because we've been sending them $10/month and he called us saying that it'll take us 5 years at the current rate and asked if we could pay more. In the past he had his billing office call us about starting to pay (which is why we pay $10/month). I'm going to offer them $300, which is more than fair if you consider that insurance would only pay them 50% and have them write off 50%.
  • Mrs' student loans, we've been trying to get a continuance of the forbearance on them since she's not working, but she's been having the hardest time getting the last paystub from her previous employer. Tonight we'll need to look over the budget and start paying on them.
One roommate is back to paying us something, she is currently $500 behind in rent (with her rent $300/month). We're still on the hunt for 1 renter at $400/month (large room in Joliet, IL)

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