Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Labor for Week of Rent

Well, the couple that we met yesterday is still needing a place to stay and the guy has picked up a job near us and will get his schedule at the end of the week. They are right now bouncing from friend to friend to save some money they don't have, but this weekend they're going to be running out of options. I talked with my wife on this because we don't want to see anyone homeless (let alone someone 7 months pregnant) and we decided to offer them a short-term deal:
  • In exchange for a full day's work around the house on various projects, that will be equal to a week's worth for rent ($100). With me working several jobs, projects around the house have been piling up (mow lawn, insulation, gutter covers, etc)
  • They will also need to sit down with my wife and plan out a budget for October, so that everyone is on the same page of when it's ending and how everything will be taken care of in October.
I spoke to the girl and she seemed very willing to do it, but needed to talk to her guy first to see what he thought as well as find out his work schedule. I'm hoping by Friday we'll know one way or the other. No matter what on Saturday I'll be home working on projects.

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