Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cloth Diapers

We've decided to go with cloth diapers. Now comes the loving friends and family attacking our decision, in the kindest way. You know your on the right path when a basic decision like that causes those around you to attack your decision. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Last night, my wife said for the umpteenth time a line along the lines "If the cloth diapers don't work for our daughter..." This time I challenged her on it, asking if she had read something about kids not liking cloth diapers or that some children are born allergic to cotton (that would be a hard life). That statement was more coming from all the comments that my wife has heard from other moms about our decision, even from a lady that used to do cloth diapers. The only opinion I asked about was the one that had done it before, which her opinion is that she's an elderly lady now and wouldn't want to wash them now.

The numbers I've seen we'll be saving ($2200-$3000 over 2 years of diapers), far outweighs the work. I'd much rather put that money in our daughter's college fund than our convenience. I can just imagine telling my daughter when she goes to college "Daughter, I'm sorry that we don't have any saved for you for college, we wanted convenience for your diapers, we wanted cable TV, a new car, eating out all the time instead. They were more important to us than your education." I'd much rather say "We put you through cloth diapers so that we could give you $15,000 for high school graduation."


Karen said...

Disposables may be more expensive to buy, but cloth is going to be more expensive to care for. Remember, you're going to have to wash them....very well. Which means a washing machine, hot water (which means heating the water in a hot water tank, plus, do you pay for your water?), and detergent, plus a dryer (which means the electric to run it too)

Environmentally, I think it's a wash (no pun intended) yes disposables fill landfills, but cloth means more water, more detergent, more electricity used to wash them.

I know cloth diapers have come a long when since when I was a kid (now they have these diaper covers and liners and what not)

Keep in mind that at first, your baby is going to get changed about 12-15 times a day!!! That's a lot of washing to do!

Tell your wife to keep a thick skin. This is just the beginning of the mommy wars for her. Cloth vs. disposable. Bottles vs. Breast. Crib vs. co-sleep. Pacifier vs. thumb. Private school vs. public vs. home school. :(

Karen said...

I was surfing today and came across this. I thought it might be helpful for you and your wife.