Thursday, June 14, 2007

Discount OutdoorTV Antennas @ Circuit City

Well, with more roommates in the house, we decided to cave into the idea of having TV signals (we were watching movies on DVD & downloads). The little bunny ears above the TV don't work in our area (most towers are about 30 miles from us), so I went down to Circuit City to see what options they have.

Right now in my area (Chicagoland) Circuit City is getting rid of Terk's large outdoor antennas. They normally go for over $100 but the low-end one (TV32) is going for $20 and the higher end one (TV36) is going for $40. I picked up the TV32 one last night because my local store did not have the TV36 anymore in stock, but I found another store near my work that has them available.

You won't find this deal on their web site, the only way I found out about it was going into the store, explaining my situation with bunny ears and tired of paying $20/month for basic service. Always make sure to ask for what specials they have whenever you visit a store, you might just find what I found.

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