Thursday, June 28, 2007

Judge A Book By It's About Us Page

I get a good amount of spam, which I delete most of the time, but one came up that I thought I would check out. The site is Christian Debt Trust at and so I thought I would check out the "About Us" page. What a load of trash!
  • "Money is the root of all evil", my memory says it's the "Love of Money is the root of all evil"
  • "See those pop-ups or your in-box filling up with someone offering you a quick and easy fix to your financial situation.", isn't that you filling my in-box?
  • "Remember, God helps those who help themselves.", nowhere in any bible that I've read is there something that says that.
I was leaving their page and they had one of those "auto-chat" features on their site startup. I have one of those setup at our office and it connects you to someone directly if you start typing in it, so I figured I would ask them a question or two. It just kept sending me canned responses, not responding to my questions. I asked if there was a human there, no response besides giving an 800 number.

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