Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Missing Renter

It's official, I have a missing renter. We thought we had a full house of renters, but one stayed for a couple of nights and then never showed up again. We called him this past Friday to see what was up and he called us during the day asking for me to call him back. I've called him Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday with no call back.

I was planning on refunding him the $100 he paid for a week if he had issues with the room, but now that I'm getting no response and concerned I may need to change the locks, that decision is changing. If I don't hear any response tonight, I'm posting up again on Craigslist regarding the room for rent or contacting one of the previous requests to see if they are still interested.

1 comment:

D said...

Isn't that weird? Why would someone pay rent for a week and go awol? Even if you only needed a short time frame, why not let the folks know so they can keep moving foward. Kind of rude.

Makes me a little nervous with someone having keys to your house. Ick!