Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Money Saving Tips

Over the months and years, I've been learning many money saving tips. It's amazing how many are out there, here's a few I was just talking to one of my co-workers as I carpooled with him.
  1. Carpooling - I live between work and home for one of my co-workers, so we carpool every other week.
  2. Discounted Gift Cards - I know there's credit cards that give you 5% cashback on your gas purchases, etc. but I'm sick of debt and that includes credit cards. One of the local gas stations though (Speedway) has a special this month when you buy a $25 gift card, you pay only $24. In an average month, we're going through about $300 worth of gas, so that saves us $12.
  3. Free oil changes - We are signed up with a mystery shopping company that always has listings for oil changes. They in essence pay for your oil change a bit more. We end up saving more through using coupons at the same time.
  4. Buy only practical that you need - My co-worker just bought 3 pairs of knock-off sunglasses for $12/pair. Sunglasses are practical, but he has a pair that just needs a $0.50 rubber piece near the nose. He thought my $20 video game purchase wasn't practical, but then I told him how it's one of those games my wife and I will probably play for at least 60 hours, making it's value to us very high (Lego Star Wars). We played the 2nd edition for about 40 hours and still haven't finished it but it was a free rental from her previous job.


Danielle said...

for some reason due to blogger error i could leave comments on any of you entries so i am going to leave them all now incase it wont let me sign in again.

ok so i just finished reading your blog entries. i am glad how well you are doing. in a post back in feb (i think) i commented about craigslist and obviously you know about that. (we got our puppy off of it).

an other thing i commented about was your wife making clothes and selling them on craigslist. that would bring in extra income and she would still be at home with the baby.

on one of your other posts it mentioned that you had stuff from redoing you dads house. if they are building materials and you still have them maybe you could see about donating them to a habitat for humanity or something simialar to that. you might even get tax deductions.

i guess i will leave you alone for now

keep up the good work

Danielle said...

oh sorry one more.. you had mentioned wanting to get the mario sunshine game. was that for the gamecube? and did you ever get it?