Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One Foolish Wanna-Be Renter

Last night I talked on the phone with one prospective roommate that was supposed to send in a deposit tomorrow and decided to suggest to him to not rent from us. The reason being that he can't get out of his existing lease and is wanting to secure a room for when it ends in 2 months. The way I do rooms though is on a first-come-first-serve process, securing rooms with the first one to make payment.

What it would come out to would be him paying $700 (that he can barely afford) to reserve a room for August, then paying $350/month then. The room would be vacant for 2 months and he would try to be taking care of two leases. I'm all for filling the rooms, but not at the loss of another person's well-earned money. I reminded him that other people will be renting rooms as well in the area and he should look in a month for a room.

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Danielle said...

good for you. not alot of people would do that sort of thing.