Monday, June 4, 2007

Taking Care of < $200 Debts

This week we're hitting a milestone in our goals of getting out of debt, ratching up to the < $200 debts taken care of. We had been for a while on the low hanging ones less than $100, but this week will bump us past that point and into new territory. The way we've got our organized is the following:
  1. A folder for less than $100. That one is now empty and if anything comes that small, we'll just take care of it right then and there.
  2. A folder for $100-$500. This one has 10 in there, most landing at the $300 mark.
  3. A folder for $500-$1000. This one has 6 in there, not looking at too much. Planned to take care of 9/07 - 12/07.
  4. A folder for $1000+. This one has 7 in there and it's one we're not even touching until next year.
I called up on one in the $100-500 folder to take care of and the balance was actually higher than our bill, so that one will have to wait until next month to be taken care of (from $127 to $308). There are 4 in that folder that we'll be taking care of this month, I'm planning on one a week. This week's one is a house phone bill for our foreclosed condo that my father never paid (he rented from us and didn't pay anything).

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