Saturday, June 2, 2007

June Budget

Our budget is starting to get pretty boring, which is good. With the baby and everything, I've been the one bringing it to my wife, making sure that I didn't miss anything. For July, she'll be making it and bringing it to me. Without further ado, here it goes:
  • $400 Tithe
  • $990 Mortgage
  • $300 Auto Gas (Brought down due to better MPG vehicle)
  • $145 Natural Gas (Monthly Set Rate)
  • $50 Water & Trash (More use with more people & garden, bumped up by $10)
  • $89 Electricity (Monthly Set Rate)
  • $158 Cell Phone (More about that...)
  • $30 Wife's Fun Money
  • $30 My Fun Money
  • $30 Dining Out
  • $30 Toiletries
  • $300 Plates, Insurance on second car & car maintenance fund
  • $500 Chimney & gutter repair
  • $823 Debt snowball
Regarding cell phone, my wife this month is going to work at either getting people removed from our plan or us canceling it fully. Even with cancellation charges, it might be better for us to go on a pay-as-you go plan right now.

This past month I got both the electricity and the natural gas on their fixed rate programs, so we will be paying the same amount every month now for them.

Last weekend I was cleaning out the gutters with my father-in-law and he noticed some issues with them (brackets broken, drainage too close to the foundation causing leaking into our basement) as well as I knew our chimney needed to be fixed up, but I didn't know how bad it was until I went to clean the gutters. I'm concerned that we may be leaking water into the attic or will soon be doing so. It was a want project before, but the chimney has now become a need-to-do project so we're delaying debt a bit to take care of that.

Our debt snowball will probably be a bit bigger than is listed above, it's mainly dependent upon if the two people we have that have committed to the two bedrooms follow-through, as well as the amount of work I receive for my on-call job. Right now my on-call job has been slow (1/week), but a month ago it was going 3-4/week. If the two move in and my on-call stays the same as it has been, we're looking at about $1K snowball.

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