Thursday, June 7, 2007

We Have A Full House

I just got off the phone with my wife, it's official, we have a full house. Out of our 5 bedroom house, we are renting 4 of the bedrooms out. Our newest roommate is going to college for her second masters degree, working, and making a film screenplay. This will allow us to live rent & utility free (and then some) at our house. The roommates that we have are so busy with work and their lives, they pretty much just sleep at the house and that's it. Last night we were home and it was just my wife and I until the wee hours.

In addition, I started this morning the hunt for the best price on homeowners insurance. Our current policy is $1300/yr which is very high I feel so we're going to see what we can get. The best "automatic quote" that we received so far is $620, but I suspect it will land around $700. The automatic quote included us using them for auto insurance, which we're not willing to change from our current $40/month for 2 cars. We had one homeowners claim at the beginning of last year due to a broken bay window from neighborhood kids, which caused our rate to go up last November.

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