Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Actually, several bite the dust. Near the end of the month is where we have been looking at excess cash and going "Which one of the little bills can we kill this month?" Here's the ones that bit the dust:

Chiropractor $24 - This one we've been paying $10/month for a while when we could, my wife loved the chiropractor and the chiropractor gave her a discount due to financial issues, but once my wife got insurance (that didn't cover chiropractors), they started charging full rate. Our finances hadn't changed though. I'm sooo glad to be done with them.

Radiological $18 - This one they probably had written off their books already (I used to do medical billing), but we owe it and I don't want any $18 coming to haunt me years from now.

I-Pass $12.10 - My wife is taking care of this one today, it's been one of those little sores in your mouth that you just want to get rid of. This one though not just needs the $12.10, but we need to bring it about 45 minutes north of us with the tollway transponder to return. My job now is not too far from there, so she's going to take me to work and then run by over there.

If we can keep up the emotional getting rid of a bill a month, we'll be out of credit card & personal debt in 29 months now. (For now I'm not even worrying about getting out of the student loan and mortgage...That's 3 years from now).

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