Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tough Love

Every time I talk to my father, it feels like I have to keep reminding him of the rule of tough love. For those of you that don't know what tough love is, here's my definition: Not doing something for someone you love if your actions only enable them to not change a bad behavior. The situation that has financially hurt my father over the years is not being able to say no to my siblings when they ask for something (eg: money for laundry, to go out to the movies, etc, another car after they have totaled 2 previous ones bought for them).

My father was told last week that due to rheumatoid arthritis, he will need to have his legs amputated if he doesn't move to a warm/dry environment (eg: Arizona). His legs are worse off than a 90 year old's legs, yet he is just a bit over 50 (with 2 knee replacements under his belt). He needs special socks and shoes that would help and cost $200, but because he has been giving my siblings money (they are 19 & 22, living with him), he does not have the money to do it. Their problems have also been taking his free time, so he hasn't scheduled a follow-up visit for additional testing as well.

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Karen said...

Frustrating, eh? My mother-in-law is currently cashing in her 401K accounts in order to bail out my brother-in-law....again. This time he stole from his employer, ended up in jail, had his car reposessed and now can't pay his bills.

Bailed out again. He won't learn that way. Neither will your siblings.