Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pinstripes are back & I didn't even know...

At my new day job, I wear many hats. One of them is computer support for a large client, an expensive car dealership chain. I had done some web design for them over the past 2 weeks and ended up setting up computers in their facility. Seeing the salesmen, I found out that pinstripe suits are back with the slick hair and everything.

I bring this up because a female came in with a male friend wanting to buy a $60K car. Something like that isn't unusual there, but the unusual part is she recently bought a 2006 car for $25K and wanted to buy the second one with no cash down, keeping the first one. The salesmen had the hardest time trying to explain to her that with how much she makes, the bank is going to turn her down with nothing down. They had several people try to explain to her the situation, asked if he was planning on co-signing for it, etc.

I was SO tempted to go to her and say "Why do you think you deserve a $60K car? You don't even make that much in a year!" She was acting like a 3 year old at a toy store with the first salesman in the mood of "I want my $60K car!"

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