Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Storage Units...of STUFF

We've been housing stuff from a friend for about 6 months and we gave them the deadline of the end of April when they need to get it out of our home. They're thinking of getting a storage unit for their stuff. My wife and I talked about it and feel it's a foolish decision for these reasons:

1. How long are they planning on storing the stuff? For them, it's uncertain so it may be at least 6 months.

2. How much is the stuff worth? The stuff is not worth that much.

3. Are they going to miss the items if they were sold? They haven't missed them in the 6 months it has been at our house.

4. Do you really have the money to store the stuff? The answer for them is definitely no. They don't have a home of their own as it is.

Overall, I'm hoping they will wake up like I did recently and realize that there are more things to life than stuff.


Karen said...

Yup, I have too much "stuff" too. Did ebay for awhile, but their fees are just too crazy anymore. Thinking of just donating it all. Have given lots away to family in the meantime. Sometimes it's just depressing to see it around and remember what I paid for it and know I'll never have that money again. :(

Sick of Debt said...

I stopped using eBay about a year ago and use Craigslist instead ( It's free and helps me get rid of the larger items locally, keeping more $ in my pocket (no shipping). Just this week I bought a $175 humidifier from there for $50 and it works wonderfully.