Friday, March 2, 2007

Modern art! Worth every penny!

Have I got the thing for you to frame on your wall! I know you've been wanting to put something up that makes people go "Now that's modern art!"

For a limited time only, you can have a paid off bill to hang on your wall. We've started our own collection on our bedroom wall, but we don't want to deprive others of the pleasure of having the latest piece of art on their walls. I have a bill that will be autographed with a personal thank you note just waiting for you!

Here's the details:

1. Select from the following list your desired piece of art:

Doctor - $18
Chiropractic - $34
Radiological - $48.67
Restaurant Bad Check - $50
Medical Test - $56
Birth Control Bounced Check - $64.73
Dish Network Final Bill - $121.83
ComEd Final Bill (Previous Home) - $170.00
Phone Final Bill (Previous Home) - $171.77

And many more available!!! Our entire art collection is available for the low price of $195,493.19 (includes the bill for our home)!

2. Contact us for your interest in acquiring it with a phone number to reach you at to discuss transfer of property.

3. On the phone, we'll provide you details of the bill, who the payment needs to be made out to and where to mail the payment.

4. You can choose to receive a scanned copy of the bill in order to validate that the bill is not a forgery.

5. Once confirmation has been received that the bill has been paid for, we will mail you your original piece of art with our heart filled thanks written all over it.

Hurry fast, these will be going quicker than hotcakes in the middle of winter!

1 comment:

karen said...

This is a very unique idea. :) If I was out of debt myself, I'd consider paying a debt or two for you (uh...not the house!)
Just make sure if anyone takes you up on this that you don't give them any sort of account number or personal information. Don't want identity theft causing you more theft! :)