Friday, March 16, 2007

Children of Debt

I had a nightmare last night related to an article I read about poor treatment of those in debt and a mix of a commercial I saw for a movie coming out on video called "Children of Men". If you are susceptible to nightmares yourself, do not continue reading. Here's how it went...

Imagine a future with limited resources and many people in debt due to past excesses. The "Masters" (Visa & Card) have instituted extreme measures in order to "help mankind survive" by
controlling the day-to-day lives of those in debt, so much so that they have instituted murdering a debtor's children. They do this in order to relieve the "financial burden" that the children impose upon their parents and that it would free up money that they would have spent feeding/clothing their children to help repay the debts owed and help mankind overall.

My nightmares often though have silver linings, in which this one they were trying to kill Christian children and everything they were trying was not working and was actually backfiring, almost killing those trying to kill the children...

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